Prodago Platform

Prodago supports the setting and enforcement of
policies to manage crucial data.

Prodago Platform

Prodago supports the setting and enforcement of policies to manage crucial data.

Data Governance Capabilities


Data Quality impact on Business

Prodago allows you to align your data governance efforts to business priorities.

With Prodago you will be able to prioritize data governance efforts to set and enforce policies for data whose quality has the highest impact on your business performance

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Business Glossary

Business Glossary

The Business Glossary is the base for a clear communication between IT and Business teams. Prodago allows you to manage a Business Glossary and use it to operationalize data governance . You will be able to map your organization business processes to your business glossary and link it to stewardship responsibilities in projects and operations.

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Responsibility Assignment

Prodago allows you to manage data stewardship responsibilities for data policy setting and enforcement.

With Prodago you instantly know who is responsible to approve business terms and policies, who is responsible to enforce policies in projects and operations. Prodago offers you flexibility to manage data stewardship responsibilities at enterprise, line of business or process levels.

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Policy Management

Prodago supports the definition and enforcement of policies in your organization. Prodago help governance managers to identify gaps in policies and rules that impact your business. With Prodago you can easily define and enforce policies and business rules for confidentiality, data quality levels, integration and transformation and terminology among other.

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Business view of data usage

With Prodago your team deliver an enterprise view of data usage and storage per business process and the systems hosting your data. With an enterprise view of data usage it is easy to understand the impact of data quality in business performance and set the priorities for you data governance initiatives.

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Critical data
Risk Data Quality

Data Quality

Prodago enables you to manage data defects from a business impact point of view. Easily view data sources with insufficient data quality level, know the business impact of data defects and manage mitigation actions.

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Data Governance Analytics

Prodago offers you a series of reports to give you complete control of your data governance program. Reports detailing stewardship performance, data quality impact on projects and business objectives, data quality risks, compliance to policies, missing definitions and much more are just a click away.

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Insufficient Quality Enterprise

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